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Titans Season 2: Esai Morales Cast as Deathstroke

DC has announced the casting of Esai Morales as Deathstroke for Titans season 2.

Morales has made several TV appearances including a sequel to the film Jarheads called Jarheads II: Field of Fire. He also appeared in Bad Boys.

Here’s a brief description for Deathstroke for his TV appearance in Titans:

Slade Wilson is known for being DC’s deadliest assassin. While serving his country, Slade became an elite soldier before government testing enhanced his physiology to near superhuman levels, putting him on a path of darkness and revenge. To his family, Slade is a father and husband, but to the rest of the world, he is feared by many as the infamous Deathstroke; selling his services to the highest bidder as the ruthless assassin that never gives up and never misses.

The Titans will never be complete without the appearance of Slade Wilson who has been the team’s main antagonist for decades. He’s the villain behind The Judas Contact, where he even send his son, Jericho.

Titans season 2 is set to premiere later this year.

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