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Doom Patrol versus the Justice League of America (DC/ Young Animal: Milk Wars)

Doom Patrol is such a cool concept and a cool TV series its a wonder why people still don’t want to see the go toe-to-toe against the Justice League. Well apparently, the weird super team has already fought an iteration of the Justice League known as the Justice League of America. Here’s that cool Doom Patrol versus the Justice League of America fight which happened in the pages of DC’s DC/Young Animal: Milk Wars written by Gerard Way.

The gist is that the evil corporation known as RetCo have transformed Earth Prime into a world that’s very similar to the 50’s and this is done through a number of ways, primarily through milk. Superman is transformed into Milkman Man and this is the world that the current roster of Doom Patrol members encounter. They “invade” a home which promptly leads to a stand off between the team and the Neighborhood watch who happens to be Lobo.

Robotman gets thrown around like an old piece of rusty iron…

Turns out Lobo is just the first wave, because moments later, backup arrives…

And that backup turns out to be Superman aka Milkman Man and the Justice League of America…

This was a fun moment in the Doom Patrol vs The Justice League of America fight in the first crossover book for Milk Wars. We get to see how quirky the members of Doom Patrol is and how they seem to be a good match with the members of the JLA.

Robotman, with the help of Flex Mentallo, gets even on Lobo.

There’s this cool scene between Milkman Man and Casey Brinke…

There’s also a very anime-esque scene featuring Crazy Jane and Robotman versus Killer Frost.

You know those classic anime moments where the truly powerful one needs some time to unleash his/her ultimate attack. This is what happens in the scene above. In Jane’s subconscious, she awaits the arrival of one of her personas; one that controls art. And because this version of Doom Patrol are sort of aware that they are comic book characters, they use that knowledge to even out the odds.

With this attack, The Justice League of America remember who they truly are and the fight is ended.

This chapter of Milk Wars ends with the Doom Patrol and the JLA teaming up to follow Cave Carson back to RetCon’s main base and stop them from selling Earth Prime as an item they can sell to the highest bidder.

What’s unclear for me (because I have yet to start binge-reading Doom Patrol) was whether Milkman Man was actually Superman or if he’s what Casey says he is; her son.

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