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Black Panther Leads Midgard’s Last Stand in War of the Realms # 5 Cover

Marvel has just released the cover for War of the Realms # 5 which features Black Panther and the Avengers done by Arthur Adams.

The issue is titled “Midgard’s Last Stand” features Panther together with some of his Avengers teammates plus other heroes like Daredevil and even Deadpool.

Here’s what editor Will Moss had to say about the new cover which also serves as the second to the finale to the Jason Aaron-penned event book.

The final act kicks off with WAR OF THE REALMS #5, which sees our heroes making an attempt to retake the Earth from Malekith and his forces thanks to the gains they’ve made in #3 and #4, plus with some assistance from new and surprising allies. But as you can see from this insanely awesome cover by Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson showing the Black Panther leading a squad against the undead army of the Enchantress, the heroes definitely still have their work cut out for them! Issue #5 sets the stage for the final battle in #6, which will change the world of Thor and of the entire Marvel Universe forever!”

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