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Busiiness Hack from Discover DHL: Ensuring Sales with a Smoother Checkout Process

Summer is almost at hand, one of the big shopping seasons of the year. Remember, when Valentine’s is in the air, and customers were quick to pick up items intended to give to their significant others? Unfortunately, some of them abandoned their shopping carts without clicking ‘pay now.’ While there are many possible reasons for these missed opportunities, however, there may be a way to ensure that potential sales don’t get abandoned: giving your customers a smoother checkout process.

To help ensure your shoppers’ baskets all make it to checkout, global logistics provider DHL Express compiled this list of practices from Discover DHL, a free library that can help businesses grow. Drawing from its experiences with partner entrepreneurs, Discover DHL for the holidays and beyond, here’s how you can spare yourself from another season of abandoned carts.

Hidden charges

Customers feel cheated when at the last minute of the checkout process, shipping charges, handling fees, and taxes suddenly appear. The results: abandoned carts and shoppers that don’t return. Being transparent and upfront helps you avoid this problem. At the earliest opportunity, you should provide shipping options and costs, then reaffirm them at checkout.

Partnering with a logistics provider can also help you manage shipping costs. Opening a MyDHL Account, for example, gives you access to have easy-to-use, free online shipping and tracking services, that you can customize based on your needs.

Clunky checkout procedures

A bewildering number of pages, fields, options, check boxes, irrelevant distractions and ‘are you sure?’ confirmations can dissuade your potential consumers. A checkout page that’s not mobile-friendly is also likely to put them off. Take note that you should be able to indulge Filipino shoppers in one of their favorite activities during their idle time: online shopping using their smartphones.

Lack of payment options

Have you lost a customer because their preferred payment mode is not available in your store? It’s possibly the worst reason for losing a sale. Accepting both card and cash payments is your easy fix for this challenge. While cashless transactions are on the rise for safety and convenience reasons, Filipinos still prefer cash-on-delivery as a payment method, according to the shopping aggregator iPrice Group.

Now that you know how your checkout procedure can cement sales, the next step is ensuring that your shipping process is just as seamless and reliable. After all, a product’s delivery is still part of their overall experience of your brand. By tapping a logistics provider like DHL for your last mile requirements, you can have better chances of gaining five-star reviews and ratings from your customers.

Find out how DHL Express Philippines can help ensure the safe and timely arrival of your customers’ orders. Visit dhl.com.ph or call +63 917 8118981.

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