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Age of X-Man: X-Tremists # 1 Spoilers

Here’s a quick look at last week’s Age of X-Man: X-Tremists # 1 which was written by Leah Williams with art by Georges Jeanty

In this issue, we follow this unique group of mutants who have been tasked to contain and arrest mutants who are breaking one of the biggest laws in this little world of theirs, prohibition of love and intimacy. This team is composed of Blob, Iceman, Jubilee, Moneta (Monet) and Northstar. We already saw these guys arrest Bishop and now we see them on their regular day.

Their current target has already remembered that they have been through this thrice already. Psylocke is surprised about this statement.

Nezumi manages to fight her attackers in her home but her partner wasn’t as lucky.

It was a standard grab and bag procedure for the X-Tremists but things suddenly take a turn for the worst.

This is an interesting premise for this superteam. They have never experienced a pregnant mutant before because everything’s already being hatched (or, in this case, Nate Grey didn’t dream up enough mutants to whisk away in his private heaven). So how are these mutants dealing with this.


You know what, I liked Age of X-Man: X-Tremists # 1. I definitely want to continue reading this. Maybe up the art a bit (no offense to Jeanty though).

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