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Leaked Photo of the Tie Echelon for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Reddit users have shared a look at a new TIE Fighter which will be used for the upcoming Disney attraction called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and even possibly the still untitled Star Wars Episode IX.

The TIE fighter, which has been dubbed as the TIE Echelon looks like a weird mash between a regular TIE Fighter and a dropship.

Credits: Reddit

Many Redditors are quick to point out how similar it looked to the Empire’s TIE Reaper which is the exclusive dropship for Imperial Deathtroopers in Rogue One.

Still, while unconfirmed, many Redditors believe that this new ship will be seen in Episode IX. But who knows.

Right now we haven’t seen a single footage of Episode IX which will be released this year and directed by J. J. Abrams.

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