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Double Barrel (2017) Review

Late review time. Here’s my review for the film DOUBLE BARREL. This film was directed by Toto Natividad and stars AJ Muhlach, Phoebe Walker, Jeric Raval and more.

The film is pretty much Ang Probinsyano with less budget, more angst and less sense.

The movie swims on the current of the time, 2017 and 2018 was when extrajudicial killings or EJK was at a fever pitch.

The story revolves around pusher turned gunman Jeff (AJ Muhlach) who gets drawn into the killings. Along the way, his new way of life drags his wife Martha (Phoebe Walker) and their world is forever changed.

There’s a lot of elements that would have made this Double Barrel (2017) review a better one. The story is your regular action flick tempered with social relevance (or lack thereof). We even have 90s star Jeric Raval playing a gray cop who dishes out death to pushers under the guise of justice. We even have classic Pinoy baddie Dindo Arroyo in the mix.

I’m not sure whether it’s really the camera they used or the editing techniques but the grainy, muted colors of the world Double Barrel operates on made it work.

What didn’t work for me was the sheer absurdity of the dialogues and the cinematography.

Muhlach and Walker had small chemistry. While I adore Walker, this one is one of her weaker roles. Muhlach has grown better with his succeeding projects too. But again, this was one was forgettable.

Musical scoring here doesn’t sound so good. I was thinking they just bought a few licensed songs and tracks just to cover the entire movie.

There’s just so much inconsistency in this movie either from the action scenes or the conversation. Like how Phoebe Walker’s character went from hapless housewife to assassin.

I like the theme in the sense that it falls apart in itself. There were no real outside forces that even intervened with all the elements. They just blew up by themselves. Sadly that’s still not yet happening in the real world.

Also the ending to the film also went real too fast too soon.

Double Barrel Verdict


Could have been better, but failed to deliver.

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