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Manila Bay Cruise Review – Your Best Bet for Valentine’s Date and Marriage Proposals

Let’s do a Manila Bay Cruise review  before the start of Valentine’s Day shall we?

Guys, lets face it. Women want to be woo’ed and swept off their feet from time to time. It’s normal and natural and there’s no escape from this. At the same time, times are tough and we certainly want to operate on a certain budget. Dads and family men need to carefully balance expenses while younger men have a ton of things to buy. And then Valentine’s Day comes strolling along. What are you to do?

How bout book a romantic evening via the Manila Bay Cruise for an evening of food and wine, a bit of music and most importantly sunsets. Lots and lots of sunsets.

Waiting Area

The Bay Cruise usually lets passengers in at around 5:45pm with the boarding area being near Esplande…

There’s a short walk between your boat and the waiting area. Fortunately, the place looks great and from the dock alone, you could get some amazing shots with your smartphone or camera.




Guests can opt to sit inside the air-conditioned lower deck or go up top to really feel the breeze and “soak up” the view. Either way, they have chairs and tables complete with a simple set-up there waiting for you.

Hey my anti-social self made friends during the tour!!!

Cruise Ship

The cruise ship itself looks great. Not so much bumps and it will never be that ship that gives you seasickness. It’s also a good place to take photos all around while the sun is still setting.




Did I say the food was awesome? Let me double back here. The food was great to OK depending on what you’ll be having. It’s cooked just right and prepared just OK. Is it worth the money? Yeah sure. Check out some of the sample dishes for the Manila Bay Cruise, during our trip.

Buffet is buffet so go and enjoy the dinner they serve.

Word of warning though, one round of Ice tea only. If you’re not into water then just go and buy more ice tea. No rule saying outside food aren’t allowed so there.

The menu they have onboard during the cruise is moderately priced. It’s quite justifiable actually.

Cruise Proper

The cruise will take around approximately 2 hours. In that span of time they serve dinner, play music and have two turns around Manila Bay. If they time it right and you take the Manila Bay Cruise at the right day, you’ll be treated to a wonderful fireworks display.

Shot with the Huawei Y9 2019


Shot with the Huawei Y9 2019

If you’re more of a selfie couple then this may just be the perfect way to get those Instagram-worthy shots without so much hassle. I don’t do a lot of selfies on my reviews but doing this for the team.

And as this couple in front of me never witnessed, you may get some awesome photos of you guys as a couple amidst all the lights in the star.

To book your Manila Bay Cruise, visit their Facebook page HERE or their website HERE.

Sun Cruises Ticketing Booth:

Esplanade Seaside Terminal

Esplanade Seaside Park

Seaside Blvd., MOA Complex


(02) 354 7005


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