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Will Peter Parker and Miles Morales actually Fight in the FCBD 2019 Spider-Man/Venom Book?

We finally get to see some bit of art for the special Spider-Man-centric FCBD Spider-Man/Venom 2019 book and it does not look good for the two main Spider-Men in the Marvel universe – Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

The art we see above shows the two Spider-Men going against each other, both poised to land a punch. Why is this happening? Who’s responsible for the fight? What’s so big that they have to resort to violence?

Only writer Tom Taylor knows for sure. And Saladin Ahmed and Cory Smith. They know the answers and they are going on an “all-new direction” which promises to “build one of Marvel’s most fantastic epic tales later this year”.

What could that be?

Then, the Venom creative team of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman will set the stage for what is being billed as “one of the most fearsome events in the Marvel Universe.” A Marvel press release calls back to classic Spider-Man tales like Amazing Spider-Man #252, The Spectacular Spider-Man #90, Marvel Team-Up #141, no doubt offering clues to what their storyline could lead to. We’re reminded that come the summer of 2019, “everyone is a target.”

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