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How Did Cyclops Return to Life? Uncanny X-Men Annual # 1

Cyclops is back and its not an android and not an alternate reality version. He’s actually back and we get a really good explanation for his return to life. Without using the Phoenix Force too, because that would be a big slap to comic fans who stuck with the X-Men through the more troubling times.

The story goes to Muir Island where the remains of Cyclops was returned after the events of Return of Jean Grey.

Cyclops’ grave bursts with an ootic blast and out comes Scott Summers, alive and well.

He asks how it happens that he’s alive and we get a flashback scene involving Cyclops in his early days with the X-Men.

During a break from his team, Cyclops responds to a Killer Robot threat at a local school. He finds out that a disgruntled former faculty member was controlling the murderbot and he makes quick work of the dude.

Readers and Scott Summers himself then meets Paul Doueke, a man who would later help resurrect the X-Men’s long-standing leader.

In the present, Paul is visited by Teen Cable, the same person responsible for murdering the older Cable in Extermination # 1.

Because he has seen the future, Cable hatches a plan to bring back his dad and ultimately help save the world and mutantkind. He cashes in a favor from an older Paul and brings him the wrecked Phoenix Cage which the Avengers tried to use against the Phoenix Force during the events of Avengers vs X-Men. The young Nathan Summers asks the man to build him a smaller version which they can use to trap a bit of Phoenix Force.

Some time pass and the events of Death of X occurs with the ending revealing that Cyclops died the moment they stepped into Muir Island to investigate. Cable and Paul goes to Cyclops’ body which was hidden by Emma Frost from the rest of the X-Men as part of her plan to wage war against the Inhumans.

Then the events of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey happens where the Phoenix Force brought back Jean Grey and tried to convince her to bond once more. As part of a way to seduce Jean, that damn fiery bird brought back Cyclops for a brief period. This was as a gift and an incentive if Jean bonds with the cosmic entity once more.

Around this time with the Phoenix Cage in his heart, the device gets powered up and absorbs a bit of the Phoenix Force. Then of course, he had to die again…

Because Jean Grey said no. The kicker though is through those interactions with Jean, Cyclops’ phoenix cage got enough juice to bring him back at a later time. This was probably some time after the Return of Jean Grey miniseries.

And that folks answers your question how did Cyclops return to life.

While the technology behind the return is clear, as well as most of the timeline, it’s still unclear in the story of How Did Cyclops Return to Life has a black spot. Did this story occur simultaneously with the events in X-Men Red, X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue? Why didn’t Jean or Emma Frost get a feed on Cyclops’ mind the moment he came back?

Jean especially had a stronger psychic rapport with Scott.

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