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Funko Pop Movie Moment Immortalizes Thor and Thanos’ Scene Before “The Snap”

“You should have gone for the head” Thanos berates Thor for not going for his head the moment the coast was clear just after the Mad Titan killed The Vision for his Mind Stone. Following that, Thanos does a quick “snap” and half of every living thing in the universe gets turned to dust. This movie moment from Avengers Infinity War gets immortalized in Funko Pop Vinyl with an upcoming “Movie Moment” release.

The Movie Moment captures that scene well with Thor hovering near Thanos with the newly created Stormbreaker lodged on Thanos’ chest.

Here’s a closer look at the two characters in this pack…



We don’t have any official release date yet for this one but it looks like a regular release so you won’t have a hard time finding one (you may check out Big Boys Toy Store if its in pre-order already). And because its not an exclusive, your wallet also wont suffer any hard. However, we have to remind you guys that this is roughly around php1600 to Php 2000.

Credits: BleedingCool.com

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