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Storm Becomes the Horseman of Salvation in Uncanny X-Men # 9

In this week’s issue of Uncanny X-Men # 9, we find out that another vaunted member of the X-Men has been converted into a Horseman of Salvation, a group of mutants who are loyal to Nate Grey aka X-Man in Uncanny X-Men # 9.

In this issue, we return to find the Nate Grey/Legion hybrid really angry at the X-Men.

He’s so angry in fact that he tried to make dupes of Jamie Madrox once more only to find that the real Madrox had already left the fight. His next move is to rally his horsemen and because he’s one horseman short, he converts Storm into a new replacement for Archangel, who was freed from his thrall a few issues earlier.

Storm becomes a new Horseman and joins Nate in his quest of removing the X-Men.

Storm is a force to reckon with as a new Horsewoman that Armor took her inside her battle ball with the hopes of getting them away from their master.

By the end though, the X-Men are hardpressed and unable to do anything.

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