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Blue Beetle Proves that “Bros Before Heroes” in Heroes in Crisis # 4

The last issue of DC Comics’ Heroes in Crisis, Heroes in Crisis # 4 goes through some interesting twist and turns with the two main characters (and murder suspects) finds their own allies to prove their innocence. This case in post was with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (who was resurrected a year or two ago).

Last issue saw the capture/ surrender of Booster Gold who Harley Quinn has claimed to be responsible for the massacre at the Sanctuary, which is a retreat house for heroes who have gone or are experiencing massive stress or trauma.

Blue Beetle wants to prove to the trinity and the rest of the Justice League that his BFF, Booster Gold, was innocent for the deaths that had occurred in Sanctuary including the death of Wally West aka The Flash.

So what does he do?

He blows up part of the holding cell they placed Booster Gold in and they do this cool thing where they go “Bros before Heroes”.

“Bros before Heroes”

The scene then cuts to what appears as a session with Blue Beetle who also has some pent up feelings about his life as a costumed hero.

Heroes in Crisis # 4 is written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann from DC Comics.

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