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Superior Octopus # 1 Spoilers

Took me awhile before I found time to read Superior Octopus and I got to admit, it was a fun title. So before we get to Spider-Geddon, let’s first do some Superior Octopus # 1 spoilers.

In this issue we find Otto Octavius, now calling himself Elliot Tolliver, averting an attack by the C-list villains called the Night Shift.

But rather than beat them up and lock them up, Octavius works up a deal for them, turning them into his agents in San Francisco.

Back on his civilian identity as a professor for the Horizon Labs in San Francisco, he meets up with his former girlfriend Anna Maria Marconi whom he still has feelings for.

After a busy evening saving people and getting an eye opener on his previous actions when he tried to takeover Parker Industries during the events of Secret Empire and allied himself with HYDRA.

When he gets back to his base, he finds his former allies in HYDRA waiting for him, wanting to get him back into the fold.

While he easily dispatches the other henchmen, he literally gets a kick in the head from HYDRA’s resident mutant Gorgon.

And while it looks like he’s set to win, the Superior Octopus gets turned into stone thanks to Gorgon’s power…

Octavius’ petrified corpse then gets struck down by Gorgon as seen above. In retaliation, a clone of Octavius be heads LMD Gorgon.

Then he proceeds to beat up Arnim Zola before letting his digital consciousness escape.

It’s then revealed that Superior Octopus has been using the Inheritor Jennix’s cloning technology to ensure his immortality. Through this process and some improvements from his time with HYDRA, Otto thinks that he would be a better force for good in his new home.

Unknown to him though, the Inheritors have found a way to escape their prison thanks to foolish surveillance methods of the Spider-People who put them there. And with Octavius using the tech and the codes, they are now able to spring free from their dimensional prison.

And now Spider-Man UK and Karn needs to reassemble the various Spider-Man and women to do battle with the Inheritors once more.

So Otto Octavius is still partly to blame for this mess they did and why the Inheritors have returned.

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