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Doctor Manhattan Murders Owlman and Metron

The epilogue of Darkseid War reveals the fate of the “bad guys”, so to speak.

In the final two pages of the story, we find Owlman in the moon. He is being advised by Grid who also hitched a ride on the way. He stole the Mobius Chair from Batman during the climatic battle against Darkseid.

It appears that Metron wanted to be free from the chair and giving the chair to Batman was his out. But he had worked with Owlman to bring pieces of the puzzle to forefront.

As seen above, when Owlman tried to unlock the secrets of the universe, a blue light zaps them and the next page reveals a bloody Mobius Chair and the ashes of Owlman and Metron.

Geoff Johns sure dangled a lot of potential stories we may see soon including Three Jokers and the currently running Doomsday Clock which will directly tackle Doctor Manhattan and his shenanigans with the DC Universe and the New 52.

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