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You Deserve a New TV Before 2018 Ends: Which BRAVIA TV should you buy?

All the year’s hard work and you know you earned this. It’s the time of the merry season when you give yourself what you and your loved ones deserve. Reward yourself with a gift that’s so exquisite, just looking at it is a treat in itself – the Sony BRAVIA OLED TV. With the array of OLED TV sets to choose from, Sony only offers you a value for money selection of BRAVIA TV that is right for you, your family, and your living space.

Sleek Sophistication with the Sony BRAVIA A9F

Find the right balance between advancement of technology and luxe design sophistication with the new BRAVIA OLED A9F. The latest offering from the BRAVIA series is a masterclass in contrast that is designed for a multifunctional TV in style.  Feel the beauty of everything you watch with world class technologies that come together for truly realistic entertainment, bringing picture and sound in perfect harmony.

Chill Out with the Sony BRAVIA A8F

The Sony BRAVIA A8F takes couch chilling to a whole new level with its breathtaking 4K HDR TV entertainment that creates exquisite and unprecedented contrast. See the beauty of simplicity in A8F’s innovative design and realism. With its sophisticated technology, step ever closer to reality, and be immersed in the entertainment that you deserve.

A class act for the Sony BRAVIA A1

Discover Sony’s firs ever 4K OLED TV, BRAVIA A1. The classy and classic design of the A1 boasts outstanding picture quality and innovative sound system that comes together in an art form with this innovative creation from Sony.

For your New Year’s resolution, get the best resolution for your TV. You deserve it. Find out more about the other range of Sony BRAVIA TVs for your viewing pleasure https://www.sony.com.ph/electronics/tv/t/televisions.

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