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Here’s What Tidus and Yuna Would Look Like if Square Enix Did Final Fantasy X-3

Currently going around the Internet is this Tetsuya Nomura illustration of Final Fantasy X stars Tidus and Yuna years after Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

This was done for a recent anniversary celebration for the franchise with the idea of Square Enix greenlighting a Final Fantasy X-3 video game.

Unfortunately, most of the team working for both the original and the remastered editions have gone on to other projects. Yoshinori Kitase has stated that fans can only imagine the possibilities “for now”.

This line could give fans a glimmer of hope for a third installment in the world of Spira. Hopefully when they really do Final Fantasy X-3, we don’t have Tidus’ annoying laugh or that corny plot for Final Fantasy X-2.

No release date or any official announcement yet for Final Fantasy X-3 but hopefully Square Enix decides to do this and close out the story of Yuna and Tidus.

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