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Explaining the Aquaman Post-Credit Scene

If you’ve been floored at how awesome Aquaman is, then its time to talk about that Aquaman post-credit scene and the ramifications of those few minutes of additional scenes.

Beware that there are spoilers in this post both from the movie and from the comics.

If you’re not a fan of spoilers, I could recommend reading my hot take on the James Wan film with this Aquaman review.




OK, so in the film’s final moments, we see Black Manta getting picked up by a bunch of fishermen and Stephen Shin(played by Randal Park). Manta is badly injured and was seen floating on wreckage. This could be after the film’s final moments.

Back in his lab, we see Manta still knocked out while Shin is tinkering with Manta’s helmet which triggers a blast. This wakes up Black Manta who demands to know who he is. Shin on the otherhand demands that Manta tell him how he got the Atlantean tech. In exchange, Black Manta wants to know everything Shin knows about the Aquaman.

Aquaman 2?

It looks like they changed a few things here and there from the New 52 iteration of Arthur Curry. There are still things that stuck like Shin’s obsession with Atlantis, which we’ve already seen in the first movie. That’s exactly how he is in the books too. After getting a consultation from Aquaman and Mera regarding the Trench creatures, he demands to know where Atlantis is.

Shin wants to know where Atlantis is

This deal that Black Manta and Shin could also draw out a potential tragedy for Arthur Curry. It’s never revealed in the movie whether Shin had an interaction with Arthur just before he was trained by Vulko (Wilem Dafoe). That could lead to the death of Arthur’s dad.

What do you guys think?

How was Aquaman more you?




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