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REVIEW: Nature’s Jewel Spa – A Hidden Jewel within Pacita

I recently took time off from blogging and covering events to facilitate the move to our new place in the south, Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna to be exact. We were so busy with the move that by the time we were through, it felt like hell. Luckily for us we moved to a place with the nicest looking spa and massage services, Nature’s Jewel Spa.

For starters, I love the fact that its just along the main road, making it quite easy to be there. Bonus that we live nearby but for people who actually want to try out their service, its one trike ride away.

The place looks lovely too. The ambiance is great and its relaxing already the moment you walk inside. The lighting was great, the music was nice too. They found a good balance between practical and aesthetically pleasing too. It’s like they were getting you ready for that well-deserved massage even when you haven’t picked a service yet.

What makes them stand apart from the other spas around the vicinity is the fact that they don’t subscribe to the idea of having memberships. Here in the Nature’s Jewel Spa, they go for standard rates for their different services. Whether you’re a regular or a new customer, you get the same rate.

Facilities for this new spa is also top notch. Everything’s obviously new, pero you also feel that they maintain their things with the utmost of care.

Prices and Services

Hands down, I highly recommend their services. All those knots and all those tense muscles flew by the moment their masseuse worked their way around. Honestly I wasn’t feeling it initially but the moment they hit the sweet spot, I was down for the count. Only woke up when they told me that time was up.

Also my wife has some back problems which required to be a little gentle on some parts. The masseuse who took care of her, changed things up and also gave her a damn good massage.

Again I cant stress how affordable their services are compared to other spas here and even in Metro Manila. Very competitive tbh.

Packages were also great. Pinaginisipan talaga.

After service

You would be used to getting tea or “salabat” after a good massage in other spas but its different for Nature’s Jewel Spa. Because they value their identity and their being unique, it trickles down to the small details like what they serve. They have a mango tea, their specialty and a home brewed thing of beauty. I loved that during their service



  • The place looked gret
  • the service was A-grade
  • the ambiance was quite relaxing
  • Great prices
  • knowledgeable staff
  • No membership BS

You can visit them at EMF building, Lot 20, Block 3, Pacita Ave. Pacita complex, Brgy. San Vicente, Pacita Complex (between 9th and 10th street), San Pedro, Laguna. 

You may also reach them (02) 478 4778. Like their Facebook page as well at Nature’s Jewel Spa

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