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More Negan Goodness in new Tekken 7 Negan Gameplay Trailer

We’re definitely excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s version of Negan from The Walking Dead make his explosive appearance in Tekken 7.

And what better way to celebrate this than with a brand new gameplay trailer which parodies that famous TV moment from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

In this new trailer released by Bandai Namco, we see several Tekken characters all kneeling down before a trailer which houses the “Walking Dead” baddie. And its pretty much a recreation of that epic moment at the end of The Walking Dead season six where we ultimately watch the demise of fan-favorite character Glenn.

You can find the first reveal for Negan below too.

Negan joins a few other characters under the season pass which will also include other characters like Marduk and Lei Wulong.

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