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Batman vs the Legion of Doom with Luthor’s Armor (Justice League # 12)

This week’s Justice League, Justice League # 12 has a lot of exposition and movement as we close the crossover story Drowned Earth. In a subplot for the issue, we see Batman defend the Hall of Justice and the Totality from the Legion, who has invaded the flooded hall with Batman in it.

Batman takes care of most of the Legion of Doom members who have been looking for him namely Joker, Sinestro and Gorilla Grood.

Batman lures them to the League’s trophy room where he gets Lex Luthor’s power armor.

The fight ends well for the Dark Knight and he makes his way into the place where the League kept the Totality.

Unfortunately for Bruce Wayne the villains have escaped and have destroyed Poseidon’s trident, the one thing that can be used against the invading ocean gods.

Loved that they used this bit of lore but I’m more curious what happened to Batman’s last armor, the one which had weapons for the weapons.

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