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Nagini Funko Pop and Zouwu Funko Pop Figures from Fantastic Beasts 2 Revealed

Here’s a look at the upcoming Nagini Funko Pop and Zouwu Funko Pop from the film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

First let’s look at the Nagini Funko Pop figure which made a nice appearance in the film and played by Claudia Kim.

The figure is going to be a regular sized pop Pop figure and looks more ferocious than other creatures that made an appearance in the movie.

This is nice if you want to start building a collection of creatures for this line.

We also have the more useful and visually striking Zouwu, the Chinese creature that Newt Scamander rescues from the magic circus that kept both Nagini and Creedence for the years between the two movie.

The Zouwu looks neat and cute, kinda need more gritty feels but we can take this.

Here’s what Zouwu Funko Pop looks like out of the box.

We don’t have the chains and manacles that was placed in the creature.

Love the design at the back too.

I recommend getting these figures from Big Boys Toy Store.

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