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What if Robert Downey Jr was Batman?

BossLogic is at it again swapping Marvel Studios actors with DCEU characters, this time he turns Iron Man Robert Downey Jr into Batman. He did a thing with Scarlett Johansson as Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot as Black Widow. And now he just did Robert Downey Jr as Batman.

Robert Downey Jr as Batman by BossLogic

He also did and shared on social media a portrait of Ben Affleck as Iron Man.

Ben Affleck as Tony Stark Iron Man by BossLogic

It turns out that if you swap the two actors and have them play these iconic roles, you will most likely get a great movie still.

I actually welcome RDJ as Batman. Although the the question I have is if he can still do all those fight scenes the way Affleck did back in Dawn of Justice.

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