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Voltron Legendary Defender Funko Pops Coming this Month

Keep your eyes peeled, dear readers, for the release of the first wave of Voltron Legendary Defender Funko Pops featuring Voltron, the paladin’s and a surprise treat.

There aren’t much fuss over the wave too as the first one will feature all the Staples and all the necessary characters.

Above we see Princess Alura and the actual Voltron mech complete with the sword.

Below we also have the Paladins / pilots namely Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge.

Also if you want the more pricey Voltron Legendary Defender Funko Pops, several stores will be selling exclusives like this 6inch super size Pop.

There’s also a regular sized Voltron pop that’s glow-in-the-dark which will be up for pre-order soon.

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