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Black Manta Defeats Aquaman, Discovers How Powerful Aquaman Really Was

In the pages of last week’s Drowned Earth crossover between Aquaman and Justice League, we witness Black Manta’s victory over Aquaman.

Arthur Curry’s longtime nemesis struck a deal with the Ocean gods where he gets to revel in Aquaman’s powers in exchange for freeing them and exacting revenge on Poseidon’s realm.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The Justice League are unable to beat back the mystical waters and even Superman is no match for one of the generals of this invading force.

The League aren’t operating in full capacity too with Aquaman and Wonder Woman missing in action. Unknown to his teammates, Aquaman was a captive by these gods.

They take his powers away from him and give it to Black Manta as promised.

Manta also points out a valid point about how Arthur just uses his vast powers to “talk to fish”.

This crossover sure is interesting and we haven’t seen the Legion of Doom yet. How will they dictate the outcome of this story and will they consider this treachery on Manta’s part?

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