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4 Things We Know about Overwatch’s Echo

A possibly new Overwatch character was stealth revealed amidst the hype for Ashe and McCree’s short called “Reunion” and many speculate that that was the rumored character called “Echo”.

1. We May Have Seen Echo Already

If you closely at the photo above, we get to see that there’s what looks to be Echo or it could be Athena. Either way the character has been seen in the past. Something worth taking note as we slowly inch towards learning more about the character.

2. Echo and McCree’s History

From the “Reunion” we saw that McCree is very familiar with Echo. He even respectfully removes his hat to show respect for his friend. And likewise, we get to see Echo’s immediate concern for the lost of McCree’s arm; which got replaced by a cybernetic arm.

She also doesn’t know of McCree’s involvement with Blackwatch which may spell for some serious drama when word gets officially out of the wetworks and covert ops that Blackwatch has done under Overwatch’s nose.

3. Echo is NOT Character # 30

As much as we all want to try out whatever the heck Echo would offer but sit your ass down kiddos. We need to wait for some time as we still have to six different characters all waiting to be reviewed and released. Jeff Kaplan has also confirmed that Echo is coming.

4. Support Type

Its also fairly obvious what Echo would be a support type character for Overwatch. What we don’t know is what kind of support is she doing. Would she be doing offensive support or would it be more defensive or a healer support type?


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