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That Guy Dies Again in Extermination # 4

So yeah, we’re treading on spoiler territory to say that this guy is dead again or at least a younger version is dead again by the end of Extermination # 4 by Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz.

The cover for Extermination # 4 wasn’t lying about a Summers dying too.

Still here?


So in this issue, young Scott Summers is killed by the deadly mutant hunting bounty hunter Ahab.

In the story, Ahab and his team of hounds including Old Man Logan, Shatterstar, Prestige and Nightcrawler attempt to catch Cyclops in X-Men Red’s base of operation known as Searebro.

Cyclops was critically injured after Nightcrawler attempted to murder him by drowning him in the depths of the Atlantic. Older Jean Grey rescued him and has been recovering since.

Ahab invades Searebro, and overtakes the red team. They turn Honey Badger, Trinary and Gentle into hounds as well. Nightcrawler finds Scott and before he kills him again he is incapacitated by Young Cable and the rest of X-Force.

As things hit a fever pitch, Cyclops picks himself up and attack Ahab for killing Bloodstorm back in Extermination # 1

Ahab shrugs off the attack and hurls his harpoon at the X-Man.

Extermination # 5 is expected to be released mid-December. Although it was supposed to be released earlier.

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