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Batman versus KGBeast (2018)

The current Batman storyline called “Beast of Burden” concludes this week with Batman # 57 with a Batman versus KGBeast fight thats almost 22 issues long.

In this issue Batman finally made it to where KGBeast ran to after almost killing Nightwing. The dude went back to Russia where he met with his dad to have one final talk before murdering him.

Batman makes it to Beast’s cabin and avoids getting shot at most. The two drag the fight outside to the snowy wildnerness with Batman operating with bare equipment after deciding to dress down to his basic costumes at the end of the last story arc.

I do have to point out that for a hand to hand brawl, Batman’s kinda weak. KGBeast had one arm and Batman had a bullet wound. Still feels like it was oddly matched.

In the end, Batman once again “cheats” and uses his grappling hook to disable the Russian strongman.

Badly injured, KGBeast tries to get Batman to help him to a hospital in exchange for information in who ordered the hit on Dick Grayson.

In one of Batman’s most coldest moments in recent Bat-history, Batman states that he wont help him.

Then he just walks away.

Batman # 57 is out now and is written by Tom King with Tony Daniel

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