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More Details on Touya Todoroki – is he really Dabi?

In this week’s chapter of Boku No Hero Academia (No. 202) we get more information on the missing Todoroki sibling Toyo in a flashback between Endeavor and Shoto.

In a flashback triggered by a conversation with classmate Tokoyami, Todoroki Shoto revisits a brutal training session with his pop, the current No. 1 hero Endeavor about weakness.

In the conversation, Endeavor brings up the missing Touya and how his flame powers were almost perfect. Endeavor even mentions that the power waa certainly surpassing his own power levels but that was squandered away.

Could the missing Touya really be Dabi of the League of Villains?

Dabi boku no hero academia


It certainly feels that way and the title isnt known for throwing curve balls on their readers. I guess its its not a matter of if he’s Touya but rather how he became the villain known as Dabi.

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