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Infinity Wars # 4 Brings in Old Man Phoenix and King Thor

Marvel sure loves his characters. In the recent issue of Thor, readers were treated to a mega-fight between King Thor and Old Man Phoenix. And while the outcome of that fight isn’t clear, signs are saying that the two of them would become “friends” again and that comes from a few pages from last week’s Infinity Wars # 4.

Spoilers incoming from Infinity Wars # 4 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr.

Last issue, we find Loki being thrown into the warped world that Gamora created and then he tries to get help from the X-Men, particularly from Emma Frost and Wolverine. In this issue, we get to see “Emmarine” discuss the plan of action with Loki and then goes ahead and summons his future self aka Old Man Phoenix from Jason Aaron’s current “Thor” run.

Old Man Phoenix gives Loki an Infinity Stone and says that he’s not sticking around.

Before leaving, the ultra-powerful Phoenix Host does them a favor by splitting apart Emma and Logan. Oh and we’re also seeing a quick cameo for King Thor who’s hanging around behind Old Man Phoenix. Why though?

There’s a lot of other stuff that happened in Infinity Wars # 4. Go pick it up the issue as its out now.

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