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Batman: White Knight Sequel Title Revealed, Brings in Azrael

Writer and artist Sean Murphy has recently revealed new details for his massively popular Batman White Knight which features a Joker that’s become a good guy and a Batman that may just have lost it.

The title for the sequel is Batman Curse of the White Knight.

What’s more interesting aside from the possibility of getting Jack Napier back and the Joker taking the back seat is the fact that Azrael is also set to make an appearance.

Since this is a new universe, the man under the Azrael armor may not be Jean Paul Valley. In fact, according to rumors, this version o Azrael could actually be Jason Todd, the Robin that Joker “killed”.

Batman The Curse of the White Knight writer also reveals that Azrael will be working with Joker to expose another Wayne family secret.

Also, Batman who revealed himself to the public as Bruce Wayne by the end of the first series in the Murphy-verse, is wearing thigh high boots. That’s kinda weird. He still looks cool though.

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