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Titans Poster Now Online

DC Universe’s prime TV series, Titans will be coming this October and I’m excited for that even if I still think they did a massive disservice on both Starfire and her actress, Anna Diop. Anyway, hyped to share this Titans poster.

You can check out the full poster below followed by a bit of commentary.

So yeah, I kinda dig the way they positioned things around and they do follow each of the main character’s color theme. Beast Boy is green and Brenton Thwaite’s Robin is dark, much like the character who hates Batman to the point where we see in the trailer that he says “Fuck Batman”.

The only thing that really ruined the poster for me, and I cannot stress this enough, is Starfire. This Starfire looks horribly dressed. Why does she wear the coat? She’s supposed to embody free spirit and liberation and not look like… ummm… a street walker?

What the poster reminds me though is that Teen Titans cover during Geoff Johns’ run on the title a few years ago…

What do you guys think of this Titans poster?


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