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Anta Unveils Marvel Inspired Shoes Featuring Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man and More…

Anta shoes unveils their cool new shoes based on the likeness of some of Marvel’s most famous characters like Iron Man and Captain America.

Check out these cool Anta x Marvel shoes below:

Iron Man

Captain America

The red white and blue kinda works but its definitely not a design for me. Next…


Oooooohh. Subtle is the theme here. We got a dark blue and red design with silver soles similar to those circle things on the god of thunder’s classic costume.

Black Panther


Black and silver looks savage and regal. Easily one of the top on my list.

Doctor Strange

These Doctor Strange inspired kicks are the ones that I must have. Love the string design and the colors. What I find lacking however is the MCU version of the Eye of Agamotto. Really wished Anta incorporated that in designing this pair.


Black and green looks great. Not gonna ask for purple because that color is hard to match with your top and pants. The neon green on the soles are the true kicker though.


There are two versions of this pair. Both are hi-cut and offer the same look. The only difference come in the colorway. The on top is screaming Miles Morales while the on the bottom feels like Spidey’s advance suit from Spider-Man PS4.

So my top three for this list are as follows:

3. Spider-Man

2. Thor

1. Doctor Strange

And even I’m surprised because I’m more of a Spidey fan rather than a Doc Strange fan.

These shoes from Anta are apparently available online and with limited supplies.

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