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The Death of Molecule Man (Fantastic Four # 2)

Spoilers from Fantastic Four # 2 featuring the death of Molecule Man.

Ok so in this issue, we find out what Reed Richards and the rest of the Future Foundation were up to since they “disappeared” in the ending of Secret War.

Franklin and Molecule Man were creating new worlds using Owen Reece’s molecular powers and Franklin’s god-like reality powers.

By the issues half we find out that Franklin cant create any new worlds anymore. He’s spent his all his powers doing it for more than a thousand times.

This is where the new villain who calls herself the Griever at the End of All Things makes an appearance with the goal of killing Franklin aka Powerhouse as well as all the new universes he created. This is where the death of Molecule Man really unfolds.

Man, what an entrance that was.

The Griever (lets call her that for wordcount’s sake) goes for an initial attack and Owen takes her on.

The Death of Molecule Man

Unfortunately, he’s no match for the new villainess and he just ends up becoming fodder for the creatures she brought along called Endlings.

What follows is a cat and mouse chase between the Richards family and the Griever until they make a stand and Reed ends up calling in the entire “family”.

Personally I dont think Reece is dead. A character this powerful wont simply dissipate like that. The endlings may even be the start of Owen’s new story if Marvel decides to bring him back.

Fantastic Four # 2 is out now and written by Dan Slott with art by Sara Pichelli.

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