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Hi-Res Art for Avengers 4 Now Online featuring Hulk and Captain Marvel

Remember that awesome artwork that featured most of the surviving Avengers getting ready for war for Avengers 4? Well it looks like its now getting more legit than ever.

The photo above was leaked on reddit and social media and had helped fuel speculation on various plot points for the upcoming Russo Brothers film.

MCU Cosmic shares hi-res photos of solo shots of various characters headlined by Captain America and Iron Man still.

Captain America

Cap’s shield is still absent but he’s gotten rid of the beard as well as the vibranium shield. Nothing different in terms of costume but I do like the quality of color used for this outing.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel recently got a brand new cover from Entertainment Weekly and we’ve seen a lot of new stuff for the project. Her pose seems like she’s channeling her energy beams and again I like the costume she used her right down to the red and blue motiff.


There’s no indication that this is Smart Hulk or Professor Hulk but other fans think otherwise. This new Hulk was done wearing a onesie with Banner’s trademark colors of black and violet, reminscent of the green goliath’s torn pants whenever he “hulks out”.

Iron Man

Iron Man returns to Avengers 4 with his same armor, the Bleeding Edge, mark 50. We can expect more cool accessories popping out of nowhere too.


We miss Rocket’s guns in this concept artwork. He looks ferocious and ready to fight yeah, but the signature BFGs hurt the artwork altogether.

There you go, the first batch. We still have a few missing pieces here namely Thor, Black Widow, Ronin/Hawkeye and War Machine but I think they’lk be releasing them in the coming days.

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