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Wolverine’s New Costume Looks Meh

Marvel recently released a look at Wolverine’s new costume and I gotta say, it looks meh.

Above we have the variant covers featuring some of the more iconic costumes that wolverine has worn since he was created. These are variants for Return of Wolverine # 1 and showcases stuff like the brown and tan costuke, the Age of Apocalypse one and his first appearance costume.

Whats really meh however is the Canuck’s costume as he goes through with the Return of Wolverine miniseries.

You can check out his look below:

The art was done by Declan Shalvey who says that the costume was something Logan picks up as he finally returns to the fold. It gave him the opportunity to also draw a different kind of Wolverine.

So by the way he frames it, it appears that the “meh” costume could only be temporary at most. Because I sure would like to see Logan back in his classic yellow spandex from his Astonishing X-Men days.

Return of Wolverine begins September and will be written by Charles Soule with art by Steve McNiven.

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