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The Equalizer 2 Review

Can Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington do magic for the second time around? Here’s my The Equalizer 2 review which is now showing and distributed Columbia Pictures Philippines.

Robert McCall is back for more ass-whopping and badassery for The Equalizer 2 and unlike the first time, everything here is personal.


I like the plot for the second movie but it fails in comparison to the first movie. This one adds more depth and layers to Robert even fleshing out his back story. The odds are certainly higher but for me the first one faithfully follows the concept for The Equalizer.


Less explosions here as opposed to the first one but where it lacks in boom, it makes up with blows. All deadly, all painful and all as stylishly done by Denzel Washington as can be done. Also while we don’t have that many set pieces, the actions that were done adds more meat to the story and drives the narrative forward.


Again, as much as I want to write and highlight all the cool stuff, that would ruin the viewing experience for you guys so you gotta take my word for it when I say that the action has changed but the impact remains the same or even better.

The grit on this movie seems to be diminished but its all good because they want to veer away a bit from what was established from the previous movie. But if we get more of Robert’s mysterious past, before he became the Equalizer then its totally worth it for me.

I appreciate the use of all the stuff that worked from the previous movie like Washington using his watch to time his attack, his “Equalizer Vision” where he predicts his enemies’ moves before they even make them, the whole “I’m a silent angel trying to help”. All those elements that made “The Equalizer” such a lovable action movie returns.

What I’m not happy here is the lack of creativity with those elements. Surely they could have done something “fresh” for these “done to death” tropes.

I do appreciate the cinematography and the musical score for the film.

The Equalizer 2 Review Verdict


The film once again brings Denzel Washington to the forefront of older actors doing action movies. After Taken 3 ruined it for me for Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington in this movie is a breath of fresh air.

The Equalizer 2 is now showing. 


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