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After Voltron, Lendy Creations Reveals MMPR LEGO Megazord

Lendy became a legend when he made designed the LEGO Voltron which is now an actual thing coming to stores soon. And now he’s revealed his next design, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord.

There’s currently a voting thats happening and if the LEGO Megazord wins, we should expect it to become another officially released product from LEGO.

The set features all five zords that form the mighty megazord as seen in the TV series which is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year.




Sabretooth Tiger


Here’s a shot of the Zords in formation…

And this TV accurate scene can also be replicated…

Now if only we can see them formed as that “attack formation” from episode 2, when they haven’t formed the LEGO Megazord yet.

Anyway, here’s another shot of the LEGO Megazord done by Lendy Tayag…

You guys can help out in getting this creation green-lit by Hasbro and LEGO by voting HERE.

Credits to all the photos on this post to Lendy Taya and the Facebook page CreationsbyLendy.


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