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The Meg Review

Can Jason Statham and his team save the world from a Megalodon shark? More importantly, is it worth watching? Here’s my The Meg review. Now showing from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines.

The Meg is based on the novel by Steve Atwell and features a prehistoric shark that makes its way to the modern world and its up to Jason Statham to get rid of it before it decides to turn everything in sight into dinner. Thats really all you need to know about the film.

The film is directed by Jon Turtetaub by the way.

The film itself was ok. Its got lots of jumpscares and one off surprises that you’ll probably enjoy. I know I did.

The cast ranges from “ho hum” to awesome to “you were so underutilized”. Jason Statham was a good choice for the lead role. But the pitfall here is that its a Jason Statham movie, so don’t expect much on the acting.

Still on the subject of casting, kudos for having The Office’s Rain Wilson play a rich asshole. Definitely helped easing the pain of not seeing Dwight anymore. Li BingBing is eye candy because while her character’s this badass Marine Biologist, she’s a gung-ho rescuer. Yeah,yeah I know its for conflict’s sake buf they really could have done more.

The Batwoman herself, Ruby Rose is also present here where she plays Jaxx Herd. Nothing in particular here other than the fact that I have a bit of crush on her.

The Meg features OK special effects, better than Sharknado but not as great as the classic “Jaws”. There were actually some scenes where the CGI was so obvious it kinda killed the vibe. Also there were moments where it felt inconsistent in terms of how big the Megalodon is. Or maybe thats just me.

I loved the concept and I love the finished product but I felt that it could have been more. But what we have was enjoyable and amusing especially if you see it on an IMAX screen.

The scares on this movie definitely gets scaled up, on the same level as the prehistoric fish that terrorizes the high seas. As I mentioned earlier, the jumpscares are proportioned nicely. The long form terror of seeing a shark swimming towards you is exciting as heck.

Humor here either goes hit or miss. I never expected to actually laugh at that scene involving a dog and a the sea. Surprisingly it helps ease the tension.

The Meg Review – Verdict


The Meg is highly enjoyable but lacks in certain departments, including story and narrative. But what it lacks in technicality, it gets back with thrills and spills. Statham still has it as an action star and there’s definitely room for a sequel (if the box office smiles on this would be franchise anyway).

Special thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for the special screening invite.

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