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Batman Returns to his Classic Costume with Batman # 55 Cover

The new cover for Batman # 55 reveals that Batman will be returning to a more classic costume and it’s something that writer Tom King actually wants.

Artist Tony S. Daniels draws another cool Batman cover with Batman fighting mummies together with Nightwing. And yes, this is the classic cloth costume with none of the body armor that’s been used ever since they revamped Batman during the New 52 era.

During his panel appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, King reveals what made him write Batman wearing his “classic” costume.

There’s big ideas and small ideas. The small idea, the in-story idea, is that at the end of this arc… Batman decides he needs to rebuild himself. Well, two things. He’s like, ‘I can’t wear the costume I was in when I was with her.’ You ever have that moment, where you just can’t wear your favorite t-shirt because it reminds you of that girl, or reminds you of that dude? And then he says, ‘I want to go back to classic, I want to go back to where I was, I want to remember how I built this whole system. And I want to remember who I am.’ So he goes back to the classic costume.

He adds:

So that’s the in-story reason. The out of story reason… I just think you can’t improve on perfection. To me, my kids, when they close their eyes, what they see as Batman is they see that. They see the trunks, they see the cape, they see the bat. And when they close their eyes, what they see as Superman is what Bendis is doing with Superman. That’s some sort of ideal version that almost lives in the Platonic part of our brain, and we’re bringing that back into DC… embracing that history of what superheroes mean to this country, and what they mean to our people, and what they mean to you as fans.

You can check out the Batman’s return to his old costume with issue # 55 while the current arc featuring Mr. Freeze is still ongoing.

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