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Black Bolt versus Vox (Death of the Inhumans # 2)

This week’s issue of Death of the Inhumans gives readers a fight thats been brewing since last issue, Black Bolt versus Nox.

The issue is written by Donny Cates with art by Ariel Olivetti.

Also spoilers for this issue.

Black Bolt versus Vox happens in issue 2 after Vox, the Kree’s latest genetic experiment butchers the Queens of the Universal Inhumans, Triton, Maximus the Mad and Lockjaw. In the initial attack, Medusa also gets critically injured.

Vox and the Kree also slaughter countless Inhumans in a bid to get back the Inhumans and the Royal Family as part of their army.

Again in issue 2 of Death of the Inhumans, Black Bolt plans a counterattack after being called out once more by this new Kree Empire. So he sends Karnak in his behalf to deal with these aggressors.

Karnak doesnt really surrender but merely sets up the glorious arrival of the Midnight King, who kills the guards and soldiers stationed at the meeting.

Vox makes his appearance and takes Karnak as his hostage. Karnak tries to diffuse the situation but Vox sees through all this.

God they sure gave the inhumans a hard time. And also what a shock to see this happen to Black Bolt.

Man this miniseries.

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