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Its 2018 and you still cant shoot with DSLRs in Luneta, still with the lame excuses and silly reasons

In case you don’t know, Filipinos need to get a permit to shoot with their DSLRs because of reasons. Director and PR Chris Cahilig tried shooting a video with his boyband 1:43 (yeah Merry Christmas na) in Luneta and got blocked…

… Because he did not file the necessary paperworks i.e. did not apply for a permit and pay for a permit.

Here’s the screenshot of his story which he posted on Facebook.


Two park employees agad?

The post got around fast because hey, Chris Cahilig. Have you seen this guy’s short film with Mercedes Cabral as a fiery temptress? Go look for that.

Anyway, Mr. Cahilig later shared a screenshot from the boss of Luneta, Penelope Diaz Belmonte and this was her statement.

I miss Amy Poehlr and non Star-Lord Chris Pratt

In essence to the title, it seems like its 2018 already and the local government still clings to the idea that permits are required for Pinoys to take shots of landmarks like Luneta and when push comes to shove, they’ll offer a reason like that.

Kawawang Juan dela Cruz.

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