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APCC 2018 – Castlevania Season 2 Trailer Revealed and Adi Shankar Being Cool

The Netflix inspired Hall N at APCC 2018 brought in a lot of big names including surprising panel of producers and creators like Ad Shankar who produced Castlevania.

The guy’s got a lot of swagger in him, he even appears on the main stage of AsiaPop Comic Con wearing a classic PowerGlove.

I loved his short appearance on stage where he talked about popculture easily the new language for this generation and the next.

He also shows his love for Castlevania and the effort he put into creating a show that would speak volumes to old and new fans who transition easily between the games and the anime series. Also dropped reference to growing up playing Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

As they close off the Castlevania anime panel, attendees got to see the first trailer for Castlevania Season 2 which features the trio of Alucard, Trevor Belmont and Maria.

Castlevania Season 2 is expected to drop October 2018 on Netflix.

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