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Mission Impossible – Fallout Review

The sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise is opening this week in 2D, 3D and IMAX. But is it worth the ticket price? Here’s my Mission Impossible – Fallout Review. The film stars Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames and is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Ethan Hunt returns for the sixth serving of IMF kickass-ness with this new movie called “Fallout”. In this movie, Hunt goes on the hunt for missing plutonium cores which he bungles out of his hands because of Solomon Lane’s followers called “The Apostles”. To complicate matters, he has to deal with a mysterious anarchist called John Lark who is poised to team up with The Apostles. Then there’s also last movie’s flame Elsa on their back because governments are being shitty about her getting her life back.

I really did enjoy “Fallout” for a number of reasons. One is that while they try to keep things fresh they also managed to stick with what truly worked for the franchise. Ethan Hunt saving the world from nuclear terror? Yes. Simon Pegg’s Benjie manages to have a quip or two in the midst of all the intense action? Yes.

Then there’s the homages to the classic TV show which I kinda missed. Those scenes where they extract information through the use of disguises and clever props was somewhat of a highlight for each and every episode of MI back when I first followed in in TV format. Happy to report that they have a handle on doing these things once more.

The cast was great. But nobody stole the show quite like Henry Cavill and his pornstache. The dude plays CIA Agent Walker who begrudgingly joins Hunt in his mission to track Lark and the plutonium. Very physically intimidating and a bit of an asshole. The guy is definitely a fun character to watch as opposed to Sean Harris’ Solomon Lane who was infuriatingly good with his cold demeanor and calculating eyes.

The action’s intense here in Mission Impossible- Fallout with a lot of different moments all working hand in hand to deliver a fun viewing experience. And I don’t think intense should even be the proper word used as all the set pieces are pulse-pounding. From a HALO jump through storm clouds to a helicopter chase in Kashmir mountains to awesome motorcycle chases in Paris, this movie has everything for adrenaline junkies without a budget. Also helped a lot that they were shot on IMAX and is best seen on an IMAX screen.

The twists and turns in the film also keeps viewers on their toes and helps make things more interesting although I have to admit as i write this Mission Impossible – Fallout review, the film’s total running time was a bit tiring. It gets tiring to sit through a 2 hour and 27 minute feature film, let alone see Tom Cruise run around like he was a spry man all over the place.

Mission Impossible – Fallout Review Verdict


Its a brave new world that the Mission Impossible franchise is trying to face and we’re coming along for the ride whether we like it or not. Tom Cruise is showing signs of aging but that’s not stopping him and Henry Cavill proves that he did good with his decision to keep the pornstache even through the whole Justice League re-shooting ordeal. Expect great action scenes and kickass moments all throughout this Christopher McQuarrie film.

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