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5 Things We Learned from Flash War

Flash War has concluded in the pages of The Flash and we take a look at some of the best moments from Flash War or better yet, the 5 things we learned from Flash War.

Before we proceed, there is a ton of spoilers in this post. So if you havent read the last few issues I suggest you turn back ASAP.

If you are good to go, then scroll down.

  1. The 25th Century Golden Glider is a Sinestro Corps Member

The renegades traveled to the 21st Century to bring into custody Iris West for the case of murdering Eobard Thawne. While we don’t see her powers in the onset of the fight, when things get hairy, she pulls out her “big guns”, her Sinestro Corps ring and she uses that power to generate classic Flash villains like constructs of Zoom and the Reverse Flash.

2. There are Other Forces like the Sage Force and Strength Force

After tricking Wally West into breaking the speed force, Hunter Zolomon dons dn old Flash costume, calls himself a Flash and beats Barry and Wally with two new forces. The Sage Force lets Zoom access his victim’s minds and the Strength Force makea him stronger. These two forces plus the “Still Force” from Justice League will definitely change the dynamics for the Fastest Men Alive.

3. Wally is Faster than Barry

If there’s anything Flash War has confirmed thats been in the minds of fans for the longest time, its that Wally West is indeed faster than his uncle Barry Allen.

Barry acknowledges this and we even get to see a flashback of Wally as Kid Flash overtaking his uncle.

4. Flashes are Faster than Superman

Superman cant catch up with the Flashes

There have been speculations that Superman can beat The Flash in a race but it looks like its pretty clear that the Speedster can outrun the Man of Steel anytime he wants.

Still this is comics and its open for interpretation, any maybe another writer someday will find a story that can show Superman beating the Flash (either Barry Allen or Wally West) to save the day. For now though, Flash holds the title.

5. Impulse Returns and a Mystery Villain Has Sprung Out

Thanks to the meddling of time, another Speedster has been released from the speedsl force and its none other than Bart Allen, Barry and Iris’s grandson. What this would mean and how it would complicate things for Barry and Iris’s life is something that we have to watch out for in the Flash books and beyond.

There’s also the mystery villain that got sprung out thanks to the time reset in the 25th Century after Zoom got his powers back.

Who is this mystery villain?

Could it be that Superman Prime is back? Who could this be? And will we be getting another Crisis after the already-solicited Heroes in Crisis?

Barry Allen versus Wally West

So there you go, 5 things we learned from Flash War. I enjoyed this story more than what I would have expected and I will be getting this in trade form as soon as its available.

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