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Death of the Inhumans # 1 Spoilers – The Dead Characters and the Villain

It looks like Marvel will be killing off the Inhumans,particularly the Inhuman royal family led by Black Bolt and the first issue just ups the body count. And it feels like everything they built from the years that the “Midnight King” returned after his “death” in War of Kings is being pulled apart.

Spoilers for Death of the Inhumans # 1 by Donny Cates and Ariel Olivetti on art.

Inhuman deaths

First on the subject from Death of the Inhumans # 1 are the dead. There’s a lot from the get go. We get to see these hapless inhumans die with the words “join or die” etched on their skins.

Black Bolt privately mourns for these dead inhumans but proceeds to his meeting with the other Inhuman queens on what to do against this brash move by the Kree (who made their race billions of years ago).

When they get to the secret place, the royal family as well as the readers get the surprise of the year with this grisly scene.

Triton is the first to respond as he finds a survivor in all the brutality. He gets to witness what happens but it’s also a trap left behind by the enemy.


Just like that, Triton dies, the first victim in this savage war that the Kree are waging against their “slaves”.

But that’s not all who suffers from the trap as we also see Black Bolt’s wife(?) Medusa get badly injured thanks to a shrapnel.

With the signs now obvious, Black Bolt together with the remaining Inhuman royal family, return to their new world called Arctilan.

Meanwhile, Blackagar Boltagon’s brother, Maximus the Mad makes a valiant stand against the killer that the Kree sent to kill the inhumans.

Black Bolt sends over Lockjaw to retrieve his brother and that’s what the lovable pooch does. He teleports into the battle and attacks the villain (more on him later).

The new villain then just straights up kills the two characters. They practically get vaporized by this new killer.

The Death of Lockjaw and Maximus the Mad

Black Bolt returns to his empire, burnt and dead can’t do anything but just cry.


The Death of the Inhumans # 1 – Meet the Villain

This new “Inhuman Killer” is named Vox. We first meet him in the flashback that Triton saw from the survivor before getting blown up. Its not revealed much to the rest of the royal family but readers did get a good glimpse of the character.

We also know that he looks like a twisted, evil version of Black Bolt complete with the black look and the tuning form cowl, with some few design changes here and there. He’s also equipped with a nasty looking scythe.

Oh and Vox also has that voice power that Black Bolt has long been known for. Fuck the scythe, that voice is the real game changer in this story.

Thoughts/ Review

God, why didn’t I pick this book up. I’m warranting a trip to the LCS (together with the mandatory pulls for Amazing Spider-Man # 1 and Superman # 1). Maaaaaaaaan, I wonder how they’d bring this back. Will this really be the end of the Inhumans? The only way they can survive this is if they inject time-travel elements to this story.

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