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Which Avengers Members Smooched in Avengers # 4

Last week’s Avengers # 4 showed a potential love angle for two members of the as-yet-unformed-Avengers team written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness.

Again, I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy looking at the art of Ed McGuinness. I’ve been a sucker for the guy’s work since I discovered his work in Superman years ago.

So anyway, for Avengers # 4 this week, we find the Avengers “disassembled”. Captain America has been abducted by Loki and the Final Celestials, Doctor Strange and Iron Man are investigating a lead that involves the Eternals, Black Panther and Captain Marvel are in space, studying those scary bugs that surfaced from the Earth’s core while Thor and She-Hulk go to Asgard to ask more answers from the All-Father, Odin.

Odin of course answers Thor’s questions regarding how they dealt with the Celestial. And informs the god of thunder that he has a weapon that can weaken Celestials, like the ones they have taken millions of years ago.

She-Hulk and Thor venture deeper into this secret Asgardian room to look for the weapon they can use against the Celestials. They then find out that it’s the “Blood of Ymir”.

Too much exposure to this freezes Thor to the brink of death. Fortunately for him, he brought along the “Warmest One there is” in the form of Jennifer Walters.

I can definitely say that the Avengers are back and facing threats tougher than ever before, I mean, how can you top off the first story arc battling Celestials and Loki as well?

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