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Bosslogic Imagines Spider-Man Far From Home with the Venom Symbiote

Popular artist BossLogic has released a new artwork related to the recently revealed Spider-Man Homecoming sequel called Spider-Man Far From Home.

The artwork features Spider-Man still wearing the Iron Spider costume he got from Iron Man in the Russo Brothers’ Avengers Infinity War.

He also “died” in this suit.

Now from this artwork, again by BossLogic, we see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker looking up on Earth while being slowly enveloped by the Kylntar aka the Venom symbiote.

This draws some parallels with how comic book Peter got hold of the symbiote in the pages of Secret War. Because MCU Peter went to a “secret war” of sorts himself together with Tony Stark and didnt even get back home.

Oh well, again, this is just fan art and if you want to check out more of BossLogic’s work, you can go and check his Instagram account.

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