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Tons of Toycon 2018 Photos Featuring Idol Group Kissbee

Ah yes, Idol groups. We’ve got tons of them all over Asia and even here in Manila, people are going gaga over MNL48. One group in particular that actually managed to catch my attention recently is the band known as Kissbee.

Randomly saw the idol group KissBee roaming around Toycon 2018 on Day 1

KissBee is a Japanese idol group produced by Charm Up Girls in 2014. The group began its raise in popularity when their 4th single “Hoho de Sagasu Anata no Ondo”reached top rankings in the Oricon charts. They released their most recent album titled “Pop Honeycomb” last May.

The members who arrived and perform here during Toycon 2018 were:

  • Misaki Tanifuji
  • Ooe Rina
  • Nakayama Seika
  • Ishii Miona

Check out the photos of KissBee during their appearance at Toycon 2018 in the gallery below:

Go check them out online, they certainly look promising.

Photo credits: Jethro Samonte and Vince Corpuz.

Some photos taken with the Asus Zenfone 5

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