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Pitu App Is Saving Your Information

This weekend, everybody seems to be sharing output from the app called Pitu. Some found it fun others thought it was annoying. But did you know that it was actually storing data about you.

You can see from the screenshots above that there’s an awful lot of permissions that goes with the use of the app.

Why would they need that? Hmmmm. Very curious.

Mr. Cochon and a few commenters also went on the discuss this app including options people who download the app can do.

That’s right, you can actually control what they can access including camera and microphone.

Update 1:

Here’s a screenshot from MachoMom, Kaycee Enerva on the stuff allowed after giving permission to Pitu:

Remember guys and gals, Big Brother is watching you. So be careful about what you approve on your phones.

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